See how PsyKey Doctoral can help you track your clinical hours.

See your APPIC Hours on the Calendar

Calendar Overview

See all you've accomplished and what's next when using the convenient calendar overview.

Save Tasks and Events for Clinical Psychology Training

Save Tasks & Events

Save and track info on every task and event you've completed during your clinical training.

Track New Clients

Add New Clients

Create and track all the clients you've seen, along with their vital demographic information.

Psychological Assessment View that Matches the AAPI

Assessment View

Easily add and track assessment related tasks in the handy, all-in-one, Assessment View.

Summaries Make Filling Out the AAPI Easy


In one click, all your clinical training hours are shown in a simple format that matches the AAPI.

Easily Transfer Hours from Outside Sources

Transfer Prior Hours

Easily copy hours from outside sources, including those saved in Time2Track™. You'll be up to date in no time.

Enter your Clinical Psychology Training Hours on the iPad

Optimized for iPad

Every part of PsyKey Doctoral is formatted and optimized for easy use on the Apple iPad.

Client Centered for Easy Management

Free iPhone App

Download the free PsyKey Doctoral Companion App from the App Store and conveniently track your hours on the fly.

Tracking Clinical Hours by Hand Takes Time

Tracking your clinical hours by hand?

Many students track their clinical hours by hand thinking it's the cheapest way. It's not. Time is money, and PsyKey Doctoral can save you both. Many students have spent hundreds of hours tracking their clinical experience for the APPIC Match by hand. There's a better way. PsyKey Doctoral will save you time and money, allowing you to spend it on the things you love.

PsyKey Doctoral vs. Alternative Services

PsyKey Doctoral is the Smartest Solution on the Web

There are some great online services that offer ways to track hours towards a goal, but very few are designed specifically for psychology students tracking clinical experience for the APPIC Match process. With PsyKey Doctoral, you'll enjoy an intuitive interface, convenient management of information, seamless data entry, all at the most affordable price on the web.

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  • Convenient access from any computer.
  • Protection against data loss.
  • Track clinical experience for the APPIC Match process.
  • Designed specifically for psychology graduate students.
  • Easily transfer tracked clinical hours from outside sources.
  • Add & Edit client information.
  • Add & Edit assessment instruments.
  • Add & Edit “Test Batteries” for frequently used assessment instruments.
  • Add & Edit supervisors and clinical training locations.
  • Advanced recurring event settings.
  • Categorize your clinical hours by practicum/clerkship.
  • Categorize your supervision hours by license status of supervisor.
  • Optimized for Apple iPad.
  • Updated for AAPI: 2011 – 12.
  • Most affordable and feature rich solution on the web.
  • $29.99 /yr

  • Starting at
    $36.99 /yr

Graduate Programs: PsyKey Institution can help faculty and administrators track student progress.