Introducing the companion app for PsyKey Doctoral.

PsyKey APPIC iOS App

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PsyKey Doctoral for the iPhone & iPod Touch

PsyKey Doctoral is a convenient online service for psychology graduate students who want to easily track their clinical training hours and prepare for the APPIC Match. PsyKey Doctoral makes it simple to track all your clinical hours, clients, assessments, and supervision received throughout your graduate training including practica, clerkships, and internships.

The PsyKey Doctoral mobile app works in conjunction with the PsyKey Doctoral website and requires users to have already created a PsyKey Doctoral account. If you have not already done so, simply go to register here. The PsyKey Doctoral App allows users to quickly track their clinical hours on the fly without needing a computer. Tracking clinical hours has never been so easy.

PsyKey Doctoral App Features:

  • Simple and Intuitive interface
  • Communicates seamlessly with PsyKey Doctoral website
  • Easily track intervention, assessment, support, and supervision hours
  • Add/View/Edit/Delete clients, groups, families, and couples
  • Add/View/Edit/Delete Supervisors
  • Add/View/Edit/Delete Locations
  • Add/View/Edit/Delete Practica and Clerkships
  • Advanced recurring task setting
  • Intuitive summary of current clinical hours
  • Edit PsyKey Doctoral account settings
  • Updated for AAPI: 2011-12