Link PsyKey Doctoral Calendar with Google, iCal, or Yahoo Calendars

Posted by: PsyKey on January 24, 2012 | No Comments »

You can now view all your PsyKey Doctoral tasks in Google, Yahoo, iCal on the Mac, and any other device, application or service that supports the iCalendar  ICS standard.

To get your iCalendar link login to PsyKey Doctoral and go to Overview > My Account > Advanced Settings.


Google Calendar:

1. Login to Google Calendar

2. On the left column, click the drop down next to “Other Calendars” and select Add by URL

3. Paste the link found at into the URL

Box and click “Add Calender.”


iCal on Mac:

1. On the main menu bar click Calendar -> Subscribe

2. For “Calendar URL” paste in the link found at and click “Subscribe.”

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